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Susan Price-Batting
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Can you answer the question:

“Where does all your money go?”

If you can’t, would you like to be able to answer it with confidence?

“Are you tired of worrying how to pay for everything?”

“Do you want to do something about your finances, but don’t know where to start?”

“Do you need some help, advice, direction or motivation to get control of your finances?”

This is what Real Life Budgeting is all about. Click around the website to explore it for yourself. Real Life Budgeting offers you real life solutions for your real life money issues. This is where you can find real answers for real people. If you’re ready to face and fix your money issues, I’m here to help!

Why Would I Want to Budget?

Money issues are the kind of thing that can grab you by the ankle like a frenzied dog and not let go, no matter how much you shake your leg to make that annoying little yippy ankle-biting dog let go of you. Most people have unconsciously chosen to let money control them and their lives, rather than taking charge of it themselves and telling it where to go. Just as you can learn to train a dog, you can learn to train your money to go where you want it to go. Actually, just like training a dog is really about training the owner, so it goes with training your money.

Where does all your money go? This seemingly little question is really speaking to the anxiety that accompanies thinking about money. Most money issues are not really about money; they are about our emotions about money. You can see what I mean if you feel your blood pressure pounding as you read the following questions.

  • Ever get frustrated that you never seem to get ahead?
  • Are you and your family constantly arguing about money?
  • Do you have trouble saving money?
  • Do you wish you had financial security?
  • Are you planning adequately for your retirement?
  • What about college education for your kids?
  • Are you drowning in debt?
  • Are you having trouble paying your bills, especially the ones that come in at the end of the month?
  • Do you find yourself wondering why your kids think money grows on trees?
  • Are you living from paycheck to paycheck with no emergency savings?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping when you think about your finances?

How ‘-bout this? You’re in one of the big department stores looking for a birthday gift for your mother, when you see something you’d really like to take home with you for yourself. You know that you can’t afford it right now, but the money (or more likely your credit card) in your pocket or purse starts screaming like a self-centered two-year-old in that annoying loud whiny voice, “I don’t care what you say, I want it, I want it, I want it!” Can’t you just see this small, but very loud child stamping his little foot to emphasize his point? Reminds me of spoiled, bratty Veruca Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hey, what this kid needs is some discipline!

OK, now stop and take a deep cleansing breath. Feel better? Now think about how doing something about managing your money will feel. Imagine yourself as the commander-in-chief with all your little dollar bills standing at attention in rows and rows before you like a squadron of soldiers as you squawk out your commands. No more money controlling you! You’re really going to tell those soldiers where you want them to go and what you want them to do. You’re going to teach that whiny two year old how to restrain himself and stop screaming. You’re in charge now and you have the confidence to really know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Here’s how this might sound.

”You there in the front row, you’re going to pay the mortgage—on time with no late fees! You guys over in the second row, you’re off to the vacation fund! Third row, you’re the final payment to the credit card company! Back row, your task is to go and make babies to add to my retirement fund!"

Wow, isn’t this fun? Now you’re the one in charge, making your money do what you want it to do, not it controlling you. How ridiculous is that any way? Money is an inanimate object, while you’re flesh and blood! Who do you think should be in charge?

If this makes sense to you and you are ready for a change in your relationship with money, I’m here to help you. Taking control of your finances starts with making informed decisions. So, inform yourself on what kind of services I can offer you. To see if any are the right choice for you, click on over to Services for more info.

Susan Price-Batting, Budget Coach

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I have identified “where all my money goes”. With your help, I believe my impulse-buying days are coming to an end. For every dollar I am spending, I know exactly what it is costing me – I didn’t really know before (didn’t want to know). I have NEVER been so conscious of my credit card use. I used to use credit cards for everything, but I am learning to use cash instead. With cash and the envelope system, I am well on my way to financial fitness.

This course taught me a lot, for years my husband and I have been struggling and wondering where all our money went. This course broke down everything for us and we actually saw the big picture. Now we are on the road to recovery, it has actually taken some of the stress out of our relationship.

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