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Susan Price-Batting
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What exactly IS Real Life Budgeting?
Real Life Budgeting is NOT:
• Knowing where all of your money goes • Worrying about paying your bills
• Having a plan for where you want your money to go,
   and working your plan
• Making impulse purchases to make yourself feel better
• Paying off your debt and living a debt free lifestyle • Bondage to creditors, promising to continue to send them money
• Peace about money • Family squabbles over money
• Financial freedom! • Living hand to mouth
• Creating and reaching your financial goals • A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tap water lunch every day

I have several main principles that undergird my money management system.

This is all based on the same foundation – helping you to get control of your ordinary day to day money management. This involves the following:

What I strive to teach is very basic money management. This is all the stuff you need to know before you can effectively go about investing, saving for retirement, college planning, the stock market, mutual funds, 529 plans, 401(K) plans etc. If you’ve ever asked yourself “where do I start?”; this is it. The start is "I have a paycheck what do I do with it?" This is the sort of thing we all should have learned from our parents, but since a lot of them didn’t learn it, how could they teach us? Instead it has been left up to Madison Avenue (that’s the advertisers!) to teach ah, er, brainwash us.

Now, seriously, when you think about it, are you really comfortable letting the hawkers of automobiles, mortgages, and furniture inform you on how to spend your money? What’s in it for them? Why lots of YOUR money, of course! What’s in it for you? Indebtedness to them! Let me introduce you to a much better way! I don’t know of very many places you can go to learn this, so if you think you could use some help, it’s available right here.

You can start to make conscious decisions about spending and saving; you can find out where your money goes. You can make your own informed choices about where you want your money to go. An informed choice is one that you’ve researched and thought over ahead of time. It’s the exact opposite of a choice you’ve made as an impulse purchase or decision.

Learn how to fund your dreams and goals and how to save money for everything from emergencies to vacations to retirement. If you have ever felt lost about where to start working on your finances, you can do it right here. But, rather than just listening to what I say, I encourage you to make an informed decision about this choice (see, I’m striving to practice what I preach!). So, read the various testimonials sprinkled around the website (like the ones below) to see what previous students have said about their experience with working with me. I want you to feel that this is a good fit for you.

Online course "Where Does All My Money Go?" - SIGNUP HERE: ed2go-80x31.gif

Susan, you are SO organized and in the present moment about “personal funds”. It is so very impressive. I can’t tell you how much I love your delivery of the material. There have been quite a few individuals who have tried to convey these messages to me and were totally unsuccessful! Your technique is very digestible and you empower us to believe we can change and understand how important planning and projecting is. It truly makes a difference at the end of the month when you pay attention to your spending. I am just amazed.

I am SO glad I took this class! Now that I have the freedom to choose what to do with my money, and I will have some extra money to actually do something with, I have a better idea of what I need to do, how to prioritize, and how to go about doing it and stay in the black. I will highly recommend this class to my friends! Thanks!

THANK YOU!!! This was a fantastic course, full of all the information I needed. Not only has the course given me the information I needed to get my finances under control, it has given me peace of mind, knowing just where my finances stand (not as bad as I thought they were). I have also found that I am becoming more organized in other areas of my life. I am letting my son and daughter read the lessons, too. They need all the help they can get to keep their finances in control. I could not have given them all the information that they needed prior to taking these lessons.

Susan Price-Batting, Budget Coach

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