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Online Instruction (cost varies by school, click on link below for specific cost)

Online course "Where Does All My Money Go?" through Education To Go (ed2go) taught exclusively by me, Susan Price-Batting. This is an inexpensive option to get one-on-one individual help for getting your money act together. It involves reading the methodologies compiled together and broken out into 12 lessons and assignments that are related to your own finances. You get online tutoring help through a discussion area for any questions or issues, and cheerleading if you get discouraged as you go along. New sessions start every month so you can start any time! 

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I find most of this stuff boring, tedious, or worse…anxiety provoking… [but] you have a wonderfully animated and warm teaching style that comes through in your writing and makes the topic much more bearable!

Excellent course! Fantastic teacher! Teacher is friendly, humorous, and very encouraging. I would recommend THIS course taught by THIS teacher. I've taken other similar courses before, but this one was better, more practical for my purposes, and taught with such humor and style. Course is well-written, too.

Susan is an excellent instructor! If she is available to teach any other classes, snag her immediately!! I am surprised at the level of involvement Susan had with our class and how open and honest she was in sharing her life and relating to ours. This was an excellent learning experience for me! THANK YOU, SUSAN!

Susan Price-Batting, Budget Coach

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